Most people assume that power washing services are best done with high pressure. However, here at Wash Pros Power Washing, your property's care and well-being is our priority. Not all surfaces can withstand high pressure power washing, and must be handled more delicately. Roofs, vinyl siding, and some wood may need soft washing.

Wash Pros Power Washing is the premier provider of Midlothian, VA soft washing services that our community trusts with all of their home care needs. Allow us to care for your most valuable investment, your home, by carefully washing the exterior to remove dirt, mold, mildew, cobwebs, and more. Our soft washing services can even be used to get rid of those ugly black streaks that many roofs develop over time without harming the structure of your home or causing leaks.

Whether you are looking to maintain your home or improve its curb appeal for resale, let Wash Pros Power Washing perform this delicate service for your home. Where other companies may cause damage by using a pressure wash to remove dirt from the exterior of your home, we take care to evaluate your home's specific needs, and use soft washing techniques where they are merited. In addition to our care with the surfaces we wash, we are also careful not to damage your garden or outdoor areas while we work. We are incredibly careful when we setup and our machinery so that when we're finished, the only change you'll see is a beautifully clean exterior for your home.

In addition to our excellence in service and attention to detail, our staff in Midlothian, VA are professional and reliable. We arrive to every appointment on time, and finish our work quickly. Call our friendly staff today to discuss your soft washing needs. We'll be happy to provide you with an estimate and set up an appointment to make your home look as good as new again.